I was starting to suspect that Luna had allergies, it would explain how damaged her skin was and why, each time I fed her food it flared up, beef was a no-no.

As most of the treats sold for dogs were meat based I was trying to think out of the box so that she could get the odd treat. Knowing no better at the time I gave them both half a corn cob.





Sweetcorn is hard to find in Korea, most of the time Koreans eat Maize, often coming in purple and light yellow it is pretty tasteless and quite different to sweetcorn. Every now and then I would come across vacuum packed sweetcorn on the cob in the supermarket and have it for dinner.

I managed to get both the dogs sitting and gave them half a cob each. Molly sat down right where she was and started licking. Luna had other plans. Somehow she managed to get her little mouth around the cob and carried it off to her bed. She got it angled between her feet and really got down to business.


Anyone who has rescued an animal will know how rewarding it can be. The truth is any dog may come with issues, random things it is afraid of, things it learns easily and things that just won’t stick; rescues are no different. What is different to buying your own puppy is that a rescue dog comes with a fully developed personality.

In that previous life it has developed in ways you will never know, it has a story and life experiences, it has opinions about things that may make no sense to you. Sure you might teach it to sit and stay, and any puppy you buy will develop its own personality over time of course. But somehow with every rescued animal there seems to be some level of understanding and appreciation, both of the rescue and of life after the rescue.


I have been lucky enough to have experienced this both as the rescuer and as the owner. It is always an honour to be in either of these situations. The dogs I have rescued have always remembered me even years after they have been in their forever homes. And for me, the happiness they show is just that little bit sweeter because of it.

To see these two little pups tucking in to something I would usually throw away, with such gusto and appreciation was delightful to watch. Watching their little faces calculate how to get the best grip and getting the feeling that this was the best thing that had happened all day. Priceless.





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