Luna and I were pretty sad for quite a while after we lost little Molly. We moped about the house a lot, we got into puzzles, which was weird for me. I’m not a puzzle person at all! But I wanted something nice to put on the wall and puzzles were the nicest thing I could find so I set on and had a go.

Luna still practiced her lying down, just not the way I would have preferred.


I gave up on trying to keep her off the bed. It was too good to just be able to snuggle up.  She would get under the duvet and snuggle right down, when she got too hot she would head up to the pillow and lie snoring in my ear.

It took maybe a week for me to decide that I couldn’t part with Luna. She was mine, and I think she was always supposed to be.

At that point in time there was still a quarantine in place for the UK and after doing some research I believed this was not only out of date and unnecessary but also really bad for the animals, causing them a huge amount of stress. None of my animals would be going through quarantine. I have a friend who is a vet and she said there were rumblings about changing the rules so I had my fingers crossed.


I decided it would be good to get Luna used to small spaces, in the event that one day she would be going home to the UK, so I got her a small bag. She liked it, it seemed like she liked having her own space, and she preferred a roof on that space.

Woolly was her favourite toy, she would snuggle up with him all the time. Luna wasn’t really into playing with toys. She would, eventually, if you got her really wound up, but it didn’t take long before she lost interest, and went to sleep on them.

I bought more bags of food, often three scoops in she would get a rash and I would take them off to the shelter. She got used to having carrots for treats, and they seemed to go down well.


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