Dog Clothes

A contentious issue for anyone in dog circles, is it Ok for dogs to wear clothes? Does it matter what size the dog is? How about the weather, does that impact on the decision?

In Korea none of these things matter, if you want to dress your dog up, just do it. Some people go to extremes of course, I have seen many a Korean dog being pushed around in a push chair, many with coloured hair…pink and green seem to be favourite. I even saw one once with painted nails!!

For myself I think I always assumed I would be in the no-clothes-on-dogs camp, perhaps because I grew up with big hairy border collies. But now I was the owner of a cute little shih tzu, not only that she had skin trouble and often had short or bald bits. Every pet shop I went into had pegs and pegs of outfits, from the funny Superman to the warm and fluffy winter suits. It was hard to resist for long.


Luna’s first outfit was a red sweater with a teddy bear on it. It remained a firm favourite. I can hear you laughing…dogs having a favourite sweater…madness! I’m not kidding.

After a while I had managed to keep myself to three sweaters, if she had her hair cut and the weather was cold out they would come. She would jump up and get excited, and she would pick the red one every single time. I wish now I’d taken a video, but I swear I’m telling the truth!


Over the years she had many different outfits. Her hair never really grew back as lush as most shih tzus, so after a few failed attempts of growing it out I decided to keep it short, which of course meant I had a bit more of an excuse for jumpers in cold weather. …or slightly cool weather.

Some it was very clear she was not impressed with. Although, she was never one to really enjoy having her picture taken.



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