Dog Walks

Not long after that Jo, Chris and I went to the wetlands. Now with our two Shih Tzu’s in tow, it was a party!

Luna had just had her hair cut and the groomer had gone a bit too low so she was looking particularly ugly that day. Mitchell was his usually bubbly self.

It was a warm day so there was less of the walking and more of the picnicking under trees. Luna was nonplussed by Mitchell, I suspect his infectious joy irritated her. I didn’t think of it at the time but I realised later that they must have known each other well. Luna had been in that room for 2 years and Mitchell for 8 so, although we weren’t aware of it, they must have recognised each other.


Mitchell loved it. He loved the attention, he loved the freedom. It felt like everywhere he went he was swinging along singing ‘I’m not it the room anymore! I’m free!’

Mitchell did struggle with his house training to start with, which is quite normal when he hadn’t had to think about it for such a long time. Other than that though, much like Luna, he arrived a grown up, sensible great fun ball of fluff.

This isn’t quite the end of Mitchell’s story, but I will say that Chris took him back to New Jersey with her and he lived very happily for five more years loved to bits by her whole family. He was adored, and lived a very happy free life. He is still very much missed by us all.



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