Autumn Walks


Chris and I decided to go exploring in the freedom machine. We popped Mitchell, Seamus and Luna on the back seat, got out the crazy map and off we went. It was Autumn, the leaves had changed colour and started falling. Parts of South Korea are stunning at this time of year. The colours of the Maple trees, from deep red and purple through to orange, yellow and green. We found ourselves some mountains and some fun roads on the map and went for a nosey.

We ended up going for a walk in the woods, I don’t how we came across the place, I don’t think we realised we were somewhere actually, when we got out of the car. We just wanted a leg stretch.

We set off into the woods, the leaves had fallen here and the path had great piles of them along the way. Mitchell, with his endless zest for life and a joke, thought this was great. We have many videos of this walk. Mitchell running and diving into leaves, coming up laughing, Luna looking on, trying to figure out how he is having so much fun with leaves, and Seamus following behind, still unsure.

The walk took us along the brow of a hill and eventually led us to a pagoda. Perched high on the edge of a mountain this three tiered pagoda had stunning views across the mountains. We sat up there for ages, we had the place to ourselves and the top floor made an excellent play area for the dogs.

Luna seemed willing to sit for Chris’s massive camera and we got lots of lovely pictures of the three of them. Seamus was much more comfortable in this confined space and started playing games with Mitchell and Luna.

We wandered back to the car and all piled in, tuckered out and ready for home. Not long after this Mitchell and Chris set off for home. That remains one of the best dog walks I’ve ever been on.



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