Not long after Chris adopted Mitchell Sunnan received some bad news about the dog shelter. The man who owned the building had passed away. He had loved dogs and had let Sunnan have the lease for more than 10 years at a reduced rate. However, his family were now in charge, they didn’t want the dogs in the building and they wanted to make more money from it. They gave Sunnan one month to get out.

I know myself, trying to find a new place is a nightmare, but trying to find somewhere for a dog shelter in a country that doesn’t believe in rescuing dogs was much worse!

Luckily Sunnan managed to find a place just around the corner. Set back from the road a bit it used to be a row of offices and was set in a yard it shared with a car rental place. The man did a deal with Sunnan, hands were shook it was all happening.

But like I said, these used to be offices, not really ready for dogs to move in. The volunteers set on to change that. We spent every weekend for a month working in the space. Everyone was amazing, volunteers were in working morning until night, stripping wallpaper, painting walls and floors. Sunnan had a fence put up, so we painted that. We put stickers on the glass doors that fronted the place to reduce the impact of the sun in the rooms. And then it was ready.

But Miss Yee wouldn’t move.

Apparently she was afraid of the men next door. Understandable she would be a single woman on a plot with about 5 other men, one of whom Sunnan had already described as a gangster!

Unfortunately though time was running out on the old place, not only that the new place was a big improvement. All on the ground floor, we had storage space and a large enclosed yard the dogs could run around in.

The volunteers spent the next weekend moving KAPS from the fourth floor, down the stairs, along the road, around the corner and into the new building. Jo and Chris helped in recruiting new helpers and organising everyone. We moved cages, dogs, food, bedding, piles of newspapers, we had a grooming table and other things, cabinets from the office, everything had to come.

We took the dogs out of the cages. One volunteer would walk four or five dogs over to the new place, several others would break down and carry their cages. At the new place the cages would be bleached and washed down and then reinstalled, repapered and the dogs returned to them.

It took us two whole, very tiring days, but we did it.

Miss Yee and our volunteer office worker in the yard at the new shelter.

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