It took me about 10 months to get over the loss of little Molly and feel ready to take on another foster pet. In that time Luna and I had moved schools and houses. No longer living in the countryside I had requested to move to Daemyoung. I got lucky and my new house was a five minute walk from the shelter, from Sunnan and from my school. I was now the only Native English Teacher in a middle school of 500 girls.

After a dog walk one day I wandered around the shelter to see if I could find my next foster. I had decided, no puppies and I didn’t have the space for a big dog.

Seamus had been living in a cage at the shelter for 6 months. He was an older Shih Tzu with a beard and a funny under-bite. Nobody had been interested in him, but Miss Yee said he was a very good dog.


We did a dog walk once just with Shih Tzu’s to try and raise awareness of the problem, we had 19 of them in the shelter that day, but there were times when we had as many as 25 in!

Seamus and I walked home where I introduced him to a very put out Luna. He very quickly relaxed into home life. He got himself housetrained very quickly and we got him scrubbed up in the shower.

As I was to later learn Seamus was very good with other dogs. He was a dog whisperer even. Perhaps it was his empathy, perhaps he was just very kind. He could almost instantly assess what another dog needed from him and make friends with them in a minute.

Until this point Luna had not been one for playing with dogs. She had had Mitchell around to play and met many other dogs on dog walks, but she was aloof, disdainful, she just wasn’t a fan of dogs.


Three days after Seamus moved in he and Luna rocketed into the living room mid play fight. From that moment on he had her running around the house, play fighting or snuggling with him. They became good friends.

Seamus himself wasn’t particularly well though. He, like many others had skin problems and seemed particularly allergic to chicken and red meat foods. Having lived in a cage for six months he couldn’t jump on the furniture or even go up the stairs and he had an ear infection. Just like Mitchell though, he didn’t let these things stop him. Outside the house he was quiet, unsure and careful, but at home he was great fun and very happy.


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