Gracie comes home

We packed her up in a crate and drove her back to Daegu. She hated the crate, fought getting in and threw up when she was in there! She hated the drive and was generally a terrified little mouse…aside from the fact that she was already almost a meter tall. … More Gracie comes home



When I first went in and visited her I was expecting a dangerous dog. As it turned out dangerous dogs were quite rare in Korea. Gracie was a typical delightfully friendly lab cross. She was in desperate need of a cuddle and we hung out for a good hour while I was there. … More Gracie


The Boeun shelter was home to up to 60 dogs and had the potential for even more cats. Many of the dogs were large breeds, huskies, malamutes, Korean Jindo dogs and great Pyrenees. We had the odd Labrador and mutt but Koreans are partial to a full breed dog. … More Boeun

Autumn Walks

  Chris and I decided to go exploring in the freedom machine. We popped Mitchell, Seamus and Luna on the back seat, got out the crazy map and off we went. It was Autumn, the leaves had changed colour and started falling. Parts of South Korea are stunning at this time of year. The colours … More Autumn Walks


We did a dog walk once just with Shih Tzu’s to try and raise awareness of the problem, we had 19 of them in the shelter that day, but there were times when we had as many as 25 in! … More Seamus


Not long after Chris adopted Mitchell Sunnan received some bad news about the dog shelter. The man who owned the building had passed away. He had loved dogs and had let Sunnan have the lease for more than 10 years at a reduced rate. However, his family were now in charge, they didn’t want the … More Moving

Dog Walks

Mitchell loved it. He loved the attention, he loved the freedom. It felt like everywhere he went he was swinging along singing ‘I’m not it the room anymore! I’m free!’ … More Dog Walks


I would sit and watch as ten to fifteen little children crowded around her, some of their parents were obviously afraid of dogs but the children were attracted like a magnet. She would sit with all these little fingers burying into her fur, her eyes partly closed, she looked like she was in heaven. … More Lucy